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Exhibited Artists

Below is a selection of artists who have exhibited at beinArt Gallery. Click on an artist’s thumbnail to see their available works in our stock room.

*Please note: If you would like to be notified when we have new artworks available by a particular artist, please contact us.

  • Rodrigo Cifuentes

    Rodrigo Cifuentes

    Rodrigo Cifuentes (Mexico) grew up in a violent environment that shaped his pictorial character. Through his paintings he analyzes the dichotomy of the Latin American myth and the American dream in his society.
  • Jonathan Guthmann

    Jonathan Guthmann

    Jonathan Edward Guthmann (Australia) is a fine artist with academic qualifications in theology, mythology and associated ancient languages.
  • Henrik Uldalen

    Henrik Uldalen

    Henrik Uldalen's (Norway) atmospheric paintings of delicate floating figures are infused with dark themes such as existentialism, nihilism, longing and loneliness.
  • Brian Viveros

    Brian M. Viveros

    Brian M. Viveros’ (United States) detailed paintings of defiant doe-eyed beauties summon a raw poetic of intractability. Beautiful and yet barbarous, they draw from the power of the feminine and its reconciliation of vulnerability, beauty, and power.
  • Christopher Ulrich

    Christopher Ulrich

    Christopher Ulrich's (USA) surreal iconographic images have adorned museums and galleries worldwide. He is influenced by the richness of ancient mythology, the mystery of alchemy, and the vastness of cosmic reality.
  • Scott G. Brooks

    Scott G. Brooks (USA) uses humour and anatomical distortion in his paintings. His work explores social, psychological, and political issues.
  • Kim Evans

    Kim Evans

    Kim Evans (Australia) is an artist based in the Yarra Valley. Her works are associated within the fantastic, visionary and surreal genres.
  • Jason Limon

    Jason Limon

    Jason Limon's (United States) art follows stories based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. You can often see his characters brought to life in dimensional form through his complex sculptures.
  • Marina Dieul

    Marina Dieul

    Marina Dieul (France) has received numerous awards and honors for her miniature paintings.
  • Jake Hempson

    Jake Hempson

    Jake Hempson (Australia) is a Zimbabwean born multi­disciplinary artist, specialising in sculptural works based on the natural forms of bones as a memento vita, which hark back to a post colonial childhood in Africa.
  • Lisa Ericson

    Lisa Ericson

    Lisa Ericson (United States) tends to focus on hybrids in nature as a key element of her gallery work.
  • Francien Krieg

    Francien Krieg

    Francien Krieg (The Netherlands) paints older women as beautifully complete nudes. She acknowledges the marks time has made upon the physical body and focuses our attention to a place where physical and spiritual beauty intersect.
  • Caitlin McCormack

    Caitlin McCormack

    Caitlin McCormack (United States) lives with two cats in South Philly and crochets to forget the world, in the chaos of her slovenly, nest-like studio.
  • Ville Lopponen

    Ville Löppönen

    Ville Löppönen's (Finland) paintings deal with the healing nature of suffering and the human struggle with the self and its contradictions. He is also concerned with the conflict between religious service and ego-based artistic creation.
  • Ross Jaylo

    Ross Jaylo

    Ross Jaylo (United States) is a New York based Filipino Painter and Multi-Media Artist who renders onto canvas his conception of an Ideal love.
  • Fergus Dupleix

    Fergus Dupleix

    Fergus Dupleix (Australia) is a self-taught artist working professionally as a tattooist for 8 years.
  • Ross Vaughan

    Ross Vaughan

    Ross Vaughan (Australia) makes paintings informed by his interests in paradoxes, parallel realities and infinite loops, as they occur in physics, technology, philosophy and the arts.
  • Dale Keogh

    Dale Keogh

    Dale Keogh (Australia) uses his strange art to express his deepest fears and erotic fantasies.
  • Kikyz1313


    Kikyz1313's (Mexico) artwork is stunningly uncomfortable, yet unbearably beautiful.