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beinArt Collective

The beinArt Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. Over the years we have published books, curated group shows and maintained a strong online presence. Our featured artists are listed below.

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  • Jeff Mendes

    Jeff Mendes

    Jeff Mendes’s (Brazil) paintings explore the ever-evolving nature of childhood memories.

  • Ray Donley

    Ray Donley

    Ray Donley (United States) brings strangely philosophical figures to life in his highly evocative paintings. His technique is influenced by the Old Masters.

  • Vincent Castiglia

    Vincent Castiglia

    Vincent Castiglia (United States) paints dark metaphysical imagery with human blood on paper. His work explores the symbiosis of birth and death, the transience of man and the pitfalls of mortality.

  • Jane Lewis

    Jane Lewis

    Jane Lewis (England) paints subversive imagery with technical finesse. Her allegorical works are paradoxically seductive and challenging.

  • Ugo Levita

    Ugo Levita

    Ugo Levita (Italy) combines imagery from different cultures and eras in his paintings. His unique style is influenced by Surrealism, Fantastic Realism and Visionary Art.

  • Siegfried Zademack

    Siegfried Zademack

    Siegfried Zademack’s (Germany) surrealistic paintings transport us to a metaphysical dimension, between humour, irony and the unfathomable depths of our souls.

  • Jake Baddeley

    Jake Baddeley

    Jake Baddeley (England) paints imagery from his subconscious. He draws inspiration from the Ancient Greeks, the Renaissance Masters and the Dutch Masters.