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Exhibited Artists

Below is a selection of artists who have exhibited at Beinart Gallery. Click on an artist’s thumbnail to see their available works in our stock room.

*Please note: If you would like to be notified when we have new artworks available by a particular artist, please contact us.

  • Horacio Quiroz

    Horacio Quiroz

    Horacio Quiroz’s (Mexico) oil paintings bend and contort the body with both delicate and disconcerting results.
  • Ross Jaylo

    Ross Jaylo

    Ross Jaylo (United States) is a New York based Filipino Painter and Multi-Media Artist who renders onto canvas his conception of an Ideal love.
  • Fergus Dupleix

    Fergus Dupleix

    Fergus Dupleix (Australia) is a self-taught artist working professionally as a tattooist for 8 years.
  • Ross Vaughan

    Ross Vaughan

    Ross Vaughan (Australia) makes paintings informed by his interests in paradoxes, parallel realities and infinite loops, as they occur in physics, technology, philosophy and the arts.