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beinArt Gallery Will Open in Early 2016!

beinArt Gallery & Shop Santiago Caruso

“Wunderkammer” – Ink on board by Santiago Caruso

Firstly I want to thank our Kickstarter backers and supporters for their generosity and enthusiasm. They have not only saved the beinArt Collective, but have elevated our project to another level. With their help, we raised over $67k! While this is a little short of our $80k stretch-goal, we have worked out a way to open a beinArt Gallery in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. We have found a wonderful location with relatively low rent and lots of wall space and, thanks to our backers, we have raised enough money to cover the first 12 months rent. The first 6 to 12 months are going to be quite challenging with such a tight budget, but I am confident that we can make this work!

We are passionate about supporting local artists and although the gallery would focus on bringing the work of the international artists of the Collective to Australian audiences, we envision a space within it that would be dedicated to exhibiting local talent. To our knowledge there are no galleries quite like this in Australia, or even the Southern Hemisphere!

The gallery will be directed by me and managed by Corinne Beinart. We are both extremely excited about this opportunity and will work hard to ensure that this is a successful endeavour!

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We will also be fulfilling our original Kickstarter objectives, by holding 3 international group shows, publishing 60 artist interviews and covering 5 years of website costs. The first group show will take place at CoproGallery and will open on February 20, 2016. Below are 2 early preview images for this show and here is a link to the press-release with the list of participating artists.

beinArt Surreal Art Show 2016 - Craola & Jana Brike

“Time Will Tell” by Greg “Craola” Simkins & “Gardener and The Centre of The Universe” by Jana Brike

I would like to thank all of the artists who donated rewards as this project wouldn’t have been possible without their generosity. I’d also like to thank the following organisations for their support throughout this campaign: Beautiful Bizarre, Last Gasp,  CoproGallery, Logical Unsanity,  Creep Machine, Between Mirrors & Last Rites Gallery! And of course, I’d like to thank all of our backers for helping to make our dreams come true. We have always dreamed of opening a gallery and this is now a reality because of you guys! Thank you!!

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All the best,

Jon Beinart

beinArt Gallery & Shop Ben Howe

“Alignment” – Oil painting by Ben Howe

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