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Alex Garant

Dreamweavers: Portraits From An Adventurer's Odyssey Into The Dream Realms is Alex Garant's latest series, helping you immerse yourself in a world where reality and dreams intertwine, and the canvas becomes a gateway to ethereal portraits & cloudscapes.

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Opening reception: Saturday, March 2nd, 6pm - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer and Malocchio.

This exhibition will run from March 3rd - March 24th and will coincide with David Welker's Portals, Jennifer Allnutt's The Flowers of Evil and group exhibition, Dark Art 2024.

In this mesmerizing collection, Garant invites you to join the dreamers, the wanderers, and the adventurers as they embark on a journey through the elusive dream realms. Each stroke of the brush serves as a portal, unveiling the surreal narratives of those who dare to explore the mysteries that unfold when the mind surrenders to slumber.

With Garant's signature style of double exposure and optical illusions, the portraits breathe life into the dreamers' tales. Faces become windows to otherworldly experiences, where the subconscious guides you through a visual narrative, blurring the lines between reality and reveries.

Alex Garant is a pioneer of contemporary figurative op art. Her oil paintings combine traditional portrait techniques and graphic quality. Garant’s work has been shown in galleries all over Canada and the United States as well as Portugal and Australia. Additionally, Garant has been featured in magazines such as and Beautiful Bizarre, Hi-Fructose Juxtapoz and on various online platforms, including Buzznet, VICE and The Huffington Post.

Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame-De-Foy College just outside Quebec City, Canada, graduating in 2001. She is currently based in Toronto.

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