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Beau WhiteBeau White’s exhibition Toe explores the relationship between our memories, the physical body and ideas of the self through a series of paintings that reimagine the artistʼs amputated toe in playful and nostalgic visual narratives.

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Opening reception: Saturday, October 9th, 6pm - 9pm

This exhibition will run from October 10th - October 31st and will coincide with Jana Brike's show Don’t Go Back to Sleep, Georgie Seccull's show Of Anima and Animus & Brian Cheung's show Panacea.

“Once amputated, the limb moves from being part of the bodily whole, to being merely a ‘part.ʼ Yet patients often still consider this ‘partʼ as ‘theirs.ʼ Even after the limb is physically removed, severance from the self is not absolute.” —Esmée Hanna

In his early 20s White was diagnosed with cancer and underwent multiple surgeries, including the amputation of his big toe. Using the classical medium of oil painting and the convention of still life, White memorialises his missing toe, giving it an existence and mythology beyond its relegation to medical waste. In his vibrant surreal imagery White uses humour, whimsy and the bittersweet ephemera of childhood to evoke the liminal space between what was lost and what still remains.

Beau White (Australia) is a hyperrealist and figurative oil painter who uses nightmarish imagery and absurdism to explore the darker side of the human condition. His work augments “real world” settings with grotesque and surprising handmade elements to create new perspectives on the everyday that are both comical and disturbing.

White has exhibited locally and internationally at galleries such as Beinart Gallery, Copro Gallery (Los Angeles) and Last Rites Gallery (New York). His work has appeared in such publications as JuxtapozHi-FructoseDangerous Minds and Vice.

Jana Brike - Don't Go Back to Sleep Georgie Seccull - Of Anima and Animus