Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter - Brian Viveros, Miles Johnston, Kari-Lise Alexander & Scott Scheidly

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Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Brian Viveros, Miles Johnston, Kari-Lise Alexander and Scott Scheidly.


Viveros’s work elevates the iconography of the femme fatale as a powerful emblem of strength and retaliation. Johnston explores the deviations between our internal states of consciousness and the complex underlying reality of our life situations in his intricate illusionistic drawings. Alexander captures the unique qualities of her Scandinavian heritage in her serene figurative paintings. Scheidly blurs the boundaries between his subjects and their environments in his beautifully rendered paintings.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, June 2, from 6pm - 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from June 2 to June 24.

Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

'Peace is Possible' - Miniature pencil drawing by Miles Johnston.

Miles Johnston was born in the UK and spent a few years of his early childhood living in Brunei, Borneo. After getting involved in art forums as a young teenager and teaching himself for 5 years, he moved to Sweden to study at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art at the age of 18. Now Miles works part-time as an instructor at the same school whilst working on developing his own body of work. Over the past couple of years his work has found an audience online and started to be exhibited internationally, culminating in his first solo show in New York at Last Rites Gallery in 2018.

Johnston works primarily in graphite and oils, using the human form as a vehicle to attempt to process the intensity and profound strangeness of the collective human experience. The distortions and transformations his figures undergo serve to represent the experience of our internal state during crucial moments in our lives. Instead of focusing on literal representations of the world, he depicts the surreal and abstract qualities of our subjectivity with the goal of creating works with a deep emotional resonance.

Brian Viveros 'Leather Head' - Oil painting by Brian Viveros.

Internationally celebrated artist Brian M. Viveros has an unmistakably arresting hand. His highly detailed paintings of defiant doe-eyed beauties summon a raw vision of intractability. Beautiful yet barbarous, they draw from the feminine and its reconciliation of vulnerability, beauty, and power. His subjects are fighters and survivors, rendered just bloodied enough to remind us that they are formidable opponents not to be taken lightly, steel-tough victors who carry something of the sublime. Viveros’s work elevates the iconography of the femme fatale beyond seductress to a powerful emblem of strength and retaliation: insubordinate beauties undaunted by the unruliness of a messy fight.

Viveros is a technical perfectionist, and his oil, airbrush, acrylic and ink paintings are highly saturated with pigment, luminosity and depth, while the compositions are poignant and simple. His emphasis tends to be on focal points such as the eyes, lips and skin, conveying the subtlety of minute expression and the power of an impaling gaze. The paintings feel cinematic owing to their evocative suggestion of narrative and to the iconicity of their subjects. Viveros’ creative cosmos is beautifully stylised, never derivative, and distinctly recognisable as his own.

Kari Lise Alexander 'When you bite the one you love' - Oil on panel by Kari Lise Alexander.

Kari-Lise Alexander’s work is rooted in the old folklore of her Scandinavian heritage as well as inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest. At a young age, Alexander was always experimenting with paints, pencils, pastels and anything else she could get her hands on. In 2000, she studied fine art for two semesters but left college to pursue other interests. It wasn’t until spring of 2009 that her heart led her back to painting, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Her style captures the unique qualities of both her heritage and her home. Combining them, she is able to create surreal worlds and explore common themes between the two. Alexander’s work often reflects these worlds through the women, nature, and animals painted in them. Her work tends to leave the viewer feeling as if they are experiencing the same private moment as the subjects.

Alexander works from her home studio in Seattle, Washington, where she lives with her husband, two poodles and two rabbits.

Scott Scheidly 'Halo' - Acrylic on masonite by Scott Scheidly.

Scott Scheidly is an artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. On his website, Scheidly explains how his first art project started when he ate a 10-pack of crayons as a baby, “thus turning his diaper into a Jackson Pollock.” Only sixteen years later he graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Probably most famous for his “Pink Series,” Scheidly depicts notorious dictators, Hollywood celebrities and contemporary politicians bathed in hues of pinks and purples, presenting a satirical analysis of power, corruption and masculinity. In a humorous yet somewhat shocking and predictably offensive way, Scheidly opens room for the discussion of societal norms.

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