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Press Release: David Lee Pereira

Liminal Spaces is the latest collection of works by David Lee Pereira. It is an exploration into the space between the past and where we are going. If you take a single moment in time and live inside that frozen place, would anything grow?

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Opening reception: Saturday, April 1st, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Jetty Road Brewery and Malocchio.

This exhibition will run from April 2nd - April 23rd and will coincide with Ronit Baranga's Intimacy, Paul Neberra's Backstage Disaster and Ed Binkley's Wondrous Strange and Familiar.

This exhibition pays homage to Dali, Bosch and Australian landscapes. Finding himself in a state of limbo after being a target of queer discrimination and othering, Pereira found home outside of the metropole, reconnecting with the endemic Australian landscapes.

The works in Liminal Spaces are tied together with the element of air and salt. The infinite nature of air is reflective of time moving slowly and an absence of direction and movement. The salt is simultaneously a preservative and enhancing agent whilst also corrosive in nature, reflecting the artist’s angst and discomfort in his stillness.

David Lee Pereira is a visual artist whose projects vary from paintings and illustrations to large-scale murals and public installations. His work examines identity, gender and sexuality through recurring themes of interpersonal relationships and dysphoria. He is influenced by the work of Munch, O’Keefe and Dali.

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