To End An Echo - Jon Jaylo solo exhibition and a guest curated group show

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Jon Jaylo Flyer

beinArt Gallery presents To End An Echo - a solo exhibition of new paintings by Jon Jaylo and If Our Own Words Fail Us - a group exhibition curated by Jon Jaylo featuring works by Linnea Strid, Olan Ventura, Daniel dela Cruz, Rain Delmar, Welbart, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Henry Royales, Ross Jaylo and Fernan Odang.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, March 11 from 6-9pm. Free Entry. Jon Jaylo will be in attendance.

Exhibition runs from March 12 to April 2.


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Jon Jaylo (Philippines/USA)

Jon studied fine arts at college in the Philippines before he began his career as a painter in earnest. As Jon spent more time trying to find his own identity in the world of art, he saw himself veering towards surrealism. He fell in love with the symbolism and how illogical it could look at first glance. Jon’s works, though whimsical and full of symbolism, are infused with real stories from his own experiences. The narratives in Jon’s work provide type of therapy for him. As someone who struggles to express himself through words, Jon feels incredibly fortunate to have found a voice through his art. He aims to leave the viewer with a sense of having learned or experienced something positive. An inspiring lesson. A connection. Or, for his work to act as a catalyst. To spark an idea in the viewer that could potentially change the course of a life. Art is a universal language and Jon believes it does not discriminate, but instead it connects us all.

Jon first exhibited his paintings in his home country, the Philippines. As word of his works spread and demand grew, he found himself invited to exhibit in Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Switzerland the United States and now Australia. Jon has exhibited in both private galleries and museums. His works are so sought after that they have been auctioned in Sotheby’s and Christies in Hong Kong and Singapore. Jon continues to exhibit worldwide and looks forward to a second museum show in 2017.

Sneak Peek: "Trudging Through Life's Labyrinth" - Watercolor painting by Jon Jaylo

To End An Echo

“To End An Echo explores self-illumination. Enlightenment and self reformation is one of the hardest things to achieve. I believe it is in human nature to be defensive about our mistakes. We feel shame and may attempt to cover up our short-comings or deny them outright. But, I believe that to attain wisdom you must acknowledge your failures first, honestly and without shame. Only then can we learn, change and reform. So, the questions I explored while creating these works address the values of our generation. What do honesty and compassion look like now? Do we value deep personal growth anymore?

We are constantly bombarded with television, music and social media. I find it alarming that there seems to be no platform for self improvement and instead a focus on the superficial. Instant gratification, popularity and fame seem to be the new ‘teachers’ and without proper guidance I worry that younger generations will learn that seeking out trouble for attention is the only way to get noticed and elevate themselves above their peers. Is this where are we headed? Is this the end goal? And how can we find deeper meaning and purpose?

To End An Echo is about owning your mistakes and having the courage to shine a light on them. To change for the better. It is a show about reclaiming your self, taking control again and walking forward on the path of personal and spiritual evolution.” - Jon Jaylo

rodrigo cifuentes Work in progress by Rodrigo Cifuentes


If Our Own Words Fail Us

If Our Own Words Fail Us brings together nine international artists, many of whom are exhibiting in Australia for the first time. Jon Jaylo has carefully curated these pieces to be viewed alongside his solo show and believes that each of these artists have created pieces that are illuminating and extraordinary both in vision and technique. Participating artists are Linnea Strid, Olan Ventura, Daniel Dela Cruz, Rain Delmar, Welbart, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Henry Royales, Ross Jaylo and Fernan Odang Jr.Daniel Dela Cruz
"Adrift in Dreams" - Mixed metal sculpture by Daniel Dela Cruz

About our charitable donation

Jon has always actively sought out art shows for charities or exhibitions which contributed to a cause. Jon states, “I choose to be a person that helps others through my artworks. I don’t want to keep the benefits of my achievements to myself, I want to share them. Not everyone is given the opportunity to be in a position where they can do something that will impact the lives of other people, so sharing is really important for me.”

Jon Jaylo and beinArt Gallery are honoured to contribute 10% from each of Jon's artworks purchased to supporting children with cancer. More information to be announced shortly.

WHERE: beinArt Gallery | 1 Sparta Place | Brunswick | VIC 3056 | Australia

PHONE: +61 3 9939 3681

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