Georgie Seccull - Of Anima and Animus

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Georgie Seccull

In 'Of Anima and Animus', Georgie Seccull uses sculpture to dive into the mystical; exploring the essential nature of gender through a series of otherworldly, yet tantalizingly familiar beings.

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Opening reception: Saturday, October 9th, 6pm - 9pm

This exhibition will run from October 10th - October 31st and will coincide with Jana Brike's show Don’t Go Back to Sleep, Beau White's show Of Anima and Animus & Brian Cheung's show Panacea.

Seccull’s aim to dismantle the binary constructs of the mind stems from her recognition of our inherently androgynous nature, regardless of one’s gender. The elements of masculine and feminine dancing within each of us may appear as opposites yet are ultimately expressions of a single united force. Thus, her sculptures explore what it is to hold both the yin and the yang.

Beginning with a thousand pieces strewn across the floor, Seccull orchestrates her creatures’ birth from chaos. Hard and heavy steel is woven into fluid expressions of life force, with each instinctively selected piece of metal embodying both firm boundaries and unending curves. The co-existence and co-dependence of our masculinity and femininity ooze from sculptures which undulate with the sinuous grace of a serpent and carry the scars of a warrior’s battle. One can find glimpses into the inner world and makings of each creature through exposed internal spaces between their flesh. These archetypal and instinctual forces of woman and man are easily hidden and misunderstood deep within the psyche, yet when held in reverence lead to an inner marriage of liberated creative potential.

Beau White - Toe Brian Cheung - Panacea