Gerard Geer - Imaginary Forests

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Gerard Geer - Imaginary Forests

Imaginary Forests is a new collection of bone sculptures by Gerard Geer. Inspired by his favorite forests, woodlands and jungles, and the incredible variety of insect life that inhabit them, this body of work imagines an amalgamation of these spaces and creatures through a romanticised lens. In creating this collection, Geer has experimented with bringing new colour into his works and explored new anatomical forms.

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Opening reception: Saturday, May 28th, 6 - 9pm

This exhibition will run from May 25th to June 12th and will coincide with Hugo D. Villa's Pájaro Brujo.

Having spent the past two winters in one of the most locked-down cities in the world and confined to the 5-km radius of a concrete jungle, Gerard Geer has used this body of work to explore all of the places he'd usually spend time in over the colder months. Through Imaginary Forests, Geer examines his own desires to reconnect with nature and expresses them using the insect creatures in his works.

Gerard Geer, based in Melbourne, merges anatomy, chemistry and creativity in his artistic practice. His work is an outgrowth of his fascination with biological processes and anatomy. Geer creates fantastical hybrid creatures by using a combination of naturalistic articulation of animal specimens and amalgamations of interspecific forms.


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