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Greg Olijnyk

The Contrivance is an exhibition of hand made cardboard sculptures by Greg Olijnyk.

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Opening reception: Saturday, August 7th, 6pm - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from August 8th to August 29th and will coincide with David Ambarzumjan's Brushstrokes in Time, Mr Everybody's A nice place to sleep & Robert Duxbury's Misanthropic Paradise.

The thing contrived, planned, or invented; a device, especially a mechanical one; an artifice; a scheme; a stratagem.

Greg Olijnyk’s sculptures turn the everyday medium of cardboard into fantastical objects. While this common material would seem to defy manipulation, Olijnyk manages to fashion it into sophisticated shapes and mechanisms. From a set of buildings where you can see crushed beer cans on the roof, to a feather in the hat of a robot samurai, the complexity and detail of his work contributes to a sense of whimsical character and narrative.

Olijnyk’s sculptures are constructed without plans. He doesn't use digital 3D software or automated cutting devices. In fact, his primary tool is a scalpel blade. Often, the joints in the sculptures are real and can be moved, and Olijnyk frequently illuminates his work with tiny lights and wires running throughout.
The form of a sculpture usually reveals itself during the creative process, where each element is informed by the one that came before. Because of this, a sculpture can take anywhere from weeks to months to finish. There is no shortcut when it comes to fashioning believable structure and detail – whether it’s a brick, a girder, a rivet, or even a tiny bird.

Greg Olijnyk lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, where, for the last 30 years, he has operated his graphic design studio. In 2017, he extended his creative expression into the third dimension, from keyboard to cardboard. Inspired by others artists working with cardboard as a medium of choice and demonstrating what was possible to create from such a humble material, he began creating sculptures with a mechanical focus out of commercial packaging board.

Greg Olijnyk

Robert Duxbury - Misanthropic Paradise