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Jai Raphael

Abyss is a series of paintings created by Jai Raphael from early 2020 to late 2021. These works were inspired by a desire to reflect on a connection between the tangible, organic and ephemeral material nature of the body and existence, contrasted by a yearning to explore concepts of the transcendental and divine potential of the mind.

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This exhibition will run from January 30th - February 20th and will coincide with QimmyShimmy's show I Scream, You Scream, Beau White's Toe & David Lee Pereira's Hollow.

Unfortunately, due to rapidly rising covid cases in our community and staff shortages within our team at Beinart Gallery, we are cancelling the opening reception.

We are so sad to have to do this but we are confident this is the right thing to do under the circumstances.

We hope to have a closing reception to celebrate these exhibitions but will make more announcements in the coming weeks.

As from the chrysalis to the emergence of the moth through the process of evolution, so, too, are these entities revealed within states of transmutation into a higher being.

The connectivity of body and soul are illuminated through an amalgamation of the flesh with vegetative, tenebrous roots. The beings depicted reside in a shadow landscape of sepulchral realms. Inspired by hallucinatory explorations, these paintings are musings into dark recesses of the unconscious and evolution through strife and grief.

Jai Raphael is a self-taught artist, predominantly learning through trial and error. In 2013 he began painting with close friend and artist Fergus Dupleix, and this was Raphael’s first step of a journey to pursue painting with a view towards one day exhibiting his works. Dupleix was an integral figure in Raphael’s development and helped to open the door for his first group exhibition.

Raphael completed a visual arts degree and illustration certificate before beginning a tattoo apprenticeship in late 2002. He is currently a full-time tattoo artist and owner of Leviathan tattoo gallery in Melbourne.

These last two years have provided him an opportunity to focus and explore oil painting far more consistently due to both the forced temporary closure of the studio and having been invited to present his works in a solo exhibition.

QimmyShimmy - I Scream, You Scream David Lee Pereira - Hollow