Jamais Vu - Kit King, Oda & Pamela Wilson

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jamais vu - kit king oda

beinArt Gallery presents Jamais Vu, an exhibition featuring new collaborative oil paintings by wife and husband duo, Kit King and Oda and the haunting and eccentrically beautiful paintings of Pamela Wilson.

WHEN: Opening Reception Saturday NOV 12, 6-9pm. Exhibition runs until DEC 4.


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Jamais Vu, which translates to "never seen”, is described as the opposite of the more commonly known experience of Deja Vu, or “already seen", where instead of something feeling familiar, something feels foreign despite its familiarity.

The collaborative paintings of Kit King and Oda, visually depict this bizarre experience. Through repetition of words and images that force the feeling of Jamais Vu onto the viewer, Oda & King skew the perception of reality, identity, and what we recognise as familiar. For Pamela Wilson, to be subconsciously distant from one’s very personal world in order to give wings to the hoped for, Jamias Vu is a loophole in perceived reality. A never ending opportunity to forget that which is securely familiar, to make room for the poignant whisper of a memory to come.


kit-king-and-oda Kit King & Oda with their collaborative oil painting "Ici Avec Toi"

Kit King (born 1987 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) came from two artist parents and is currently living and working from her home studio in the French Canadian countryside of Curran, Ontario. King’s paintings are reflections of identity and intimacy. Using predominantly oil paint as a medium, she creates vulnerable figurative works and sensitive portraits. Executed through often large scale hyper-real renderings, King’s intent is to capture fleeting moments that evoke a deep sense of emotion. Though King has been creating since childhood, she only began exhibiting her works in 2014. Since, she has placed works in permanent collections, museums, and exhibited in art fairs and galleries worldwide.

kit-king-oda Details of two works in progress by Kit King & Oda

Corey ‘Oda’ Popp, (born 1984 in South Carolina), recounts wanting to be an artist since early childhood, where he spent his time divided between Nevada with his father, where he would go on walks in the desert in search of petrified wood, and Alabama with his mother, who gave Oda his first microscope. Oda’s paintings are reflections of those early years looking through a microscope. With larger than life paintings that have an in-depth tangibility and executed through a high level of detail. His work truly marries his two passions; of the unearthed hidden beauty right under our feet, and contemporary art. The art of Oda can be found in museums, collections and exhibitions world wide, where he hopes to share his passion, and rekindle that childhood wonderment on a global scale.

pamela wilson ensorcelless "The Ensorcelless" - Oil and 24K gold leaf on canvas over birch panel by Pamela Wilson. 45.7 x 45.7cm (18"x18")

Pamela Wilson (United States) has built a reputation for works of art that transcend the commonplace to enter the realm of the otherworldly. She develops haunting images which create a remarkably compelling narrative. The physical and emotional isolation of her characters has emerged as a hallmark of her work, as she explores the great chasm of the psyche, the abyss that opens when you seek to understand the complex human in modernity. Addressing “beauty” in a painting feels too passive, and what she is seeking is a psychological moment, a different kind of beauty, the beauty in absurdity.

Pamela received her MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she was awarded a Regents Fellowship, the Abrams Project Grant, and a Regents Award for her Thesis Exhibition. She is currently Mentor Faculty at Laguna College of Art & Design, Laguna, CA, as part of the MFA Program. Exhibiting consistently since 1992, her work has been the subject of 23 solo exhibitions, spanning the United States. She has exhibited in many museums, including the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington DC, and a solo exhibition at the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY. Her work has become part of many prestigious collections, and she has graced the cover of American Art Collector Magazine twice since 2014, most recently in August 2016. She won first place in the 2015 Portrait Society of America's Members Only Competition, in the “Outside The Box” category.

Pamela Wilson Details of two works in progress by Pamela Wilson

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