Mahlimae - Lost souls of the Erlking - Debut solo show

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Beinart Gallery invites you to walk among the "Lost Souls of the Erlking” in the debut solo exhibition of Tasmanian sculptor Nicole Watt, aka Mahlimae.


Hear the old whispers of a predatory spirit; feel the faceless malevolence formed from the damp earth and dark thickets in which he lurks, seeking out the vulnerable, ensnaring the childlike heart. This force of nature has carried several names across the centuries: Alder-King, Ellerkonge, Erlkönig...Erlking. Mahlimae lifts the veil of his black tale and reveals its rich symbolism in this exhibition, opening January 13.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, January 13, from 6–9 pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from January 13 to February 4 and runs alongside Adipocere's debut solo show, "I do not exist."


CONTACT US for enquiries.

Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

mahlimae solo show Echo sculpture by Mahlimae.
With roots deeply entrenched in Scandinavian folklore, the ancient story of the Erlking has twisted its way through time, contorting and transposing with each telling before crossing the threshold to the 21st century, in which it is still recounted by the elders with sadness and stern warning. For some, the Erkling is an omen of death; to others, he mirrors a source of confinement and impending depredation. Universally, he is the harbinger of loss, the plunderer of innocence, the indistinct primal predator concealed in each psyche.
Mahlimae's small yet deeply emotive sculptures take you on a journey to another world, exposing the unseen and inviting you to discover for yourself what remains of the bewildered heart.

Mahlimae (Australia) is an internationally exhibited self-taught mixed-media sculpture artist living and creating in the wilderness of Southern Tasmania, Australia. Her exquisitely simplistic and emotionally driven characters blossom from a world long forgotten, hidden in the shadows of imagination where the wind blows wild and the trees groan with ancient secrets born from the whispers of the ancestors. Finding inspiration in ancient ritual and folklore, Nicole's melancholic works take you on a compelling journey into the darkness and light of human nature, drawing you in to explore the stories hidden within their subtle and fragile expressions. Each piece is carefully hand sculpted using stone clay, foraged natural materials and tattered hand-dyed textiles. The final works are pulled together by a common theme of possibility, a longing for connection and an aim to intrigue.

PHONE+61 3 9939 3681

CONTACT US for enquiries.

WHEREBeinart Gallery | 1 Sparta Place | Brunswick | VIC 3056 | Australia

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