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Mr Everybody

A Nice Place To Sleep is an exhibition of new paintings by Mr. Everybody.

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Opening reception: Saturday, August 7th, 6pm - 9pm

This exhibition will run from August 8th to August 29th and will coincide with David Ambarzumjan's Brushstrokes in Time, Robert Duxbury's Misanthropic Paradise & Greg Olijnyk’s The Contrivance.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin considered that it was in the encounter of the “material things” of a place such as earth, sand, gravel, wood, grass and water that a person could find “a fresher contact with the roots of the spirit.” Knowing that, and knowing that Mr. Everybody’s current concerns include aspects of the human condition such as alienation, isolation, hope and resilience in the face of the darkest emotions, it is not surprising that for this series that the artist has returned to the landscape.

In these works, the eerie terrains act as a “mindscape,” a catalyst of the artist’s reconnection not only with his own spirit but also with the collective unconscious which encompasses the soul of humanity. These dark aspects of the human experience are universal and archetypal, and they exist in the deepest recesses of the psyche, inherited and instinctual. Material and immaterial things found in these paintings, such as foreboding clouds, watery abysses, treacherous roads and ominous forests, become emblematic of “dark places” which we inhabit mentally or, if one accepts the concept of the collective unconscious, inhabit us.

If there is such a thing as a spirit which inhabits a place, a true genius loci, then in the case of these artworks, the figures act as that spirit, and they are prisms through which these forces are wrought real. In fact, Mr. Everybody cites them as “ambassadors” for this concept. Each serves a different function, but each acts as a counterpoint to their surroundings and allows the artist to tell a story. Some act as silent sentinels, maintaining the status quo; others act a witnesses, bestow joy upon us or act as a mirror through which to consider our own values.

Each of the figurative elements found in the works exists in a domain of ambiguity, of constantly shifting, overlapping, interconnecting and blurred meanings. The elements together—the landscape, the genius loci or figure, the symbolic elements—cohere to evoke a deep feeling.

David Ambarzumajan - Brushstrokes in Time