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Paul Neberra - Starfish Reborn

ANNOUNCEMENT: In keeping with the current recommendations, Beinart Gallery will be temporarily closing the doors to the public until further notice. But, we will continue our work including safely installing Paul Neberra's show Mistaken Memories as scheduled. The show runs from April 4 - 26. If you would like to arrange a private viewing of the exhibition or would like to collect artwork already purchased please contact us. Our online store is running as usual and we are shipping orders every week to both our customers in Australia and all around the world. Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates on 3D virtual tours of our future shows, live interviews and more!

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Mistaken Memories is an exhibition of new paintings by Paul Neberra exploring the nature of memory: is it reliable, or do we create fictions from partial memories?

Neberra notes that while he can recall several events with clarity, there are details that make him doubt some memories, leading him to this question: what if all those past images are only fictions created by his own mind to comfort him, to give him a feeling of belonging? Memories of events experienced alone are even more dubious: what if he has misunderstood an event, and there are no witnesses to lend their point of view?

Neberra’s feeling of continually wandering in his thoughts led him to search his dreams for answers. He found that in dreams, his mind keeps floating above landscapes of untouched nature and there is peace growing through the solitude. Like a river, he is conducted by memories that appear in still frames, pictorial records. Our minds can take us to unknown places, and he is searching for himself in those fantasy worlds.

Paul Neberra is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal. His pop surrealist paintings give hint to his influences with inspiration ranging from surrealist painters such as Dali and Magritte to writers like Kafka and Dostoevsky – not to mention contemporary pop culture icons like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. The world he weaves can be deemed as charming with a touch of melancholy. Smaller details within his pieces paint a picture of emotional complexity.

This exhibition will be on view from April 4 to April 26, concurrently with Dark Art 2020.

Dark Art 2020