Richard Ahnert - Alchemy of Objects

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 'Alchemy of Objects' is a collection of new paintings by Richard Ahnert.

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Opening reception: Saturday June 22nd, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer.

This exhibition will run from June 23rd - July 14th and will coincide with Jesús Aguado's 'Bones and Joy', Gigi Chen's 'A Collective Glow' and Briana Hertzog's ' A Feral Garden'   

In 'Alchemy of Objects', Richard Ahnert invites viewers into a world where everyday objects transcend their material confines and are imbued with new life. 

The narratives unfolding within each painting are an invitation to immerse ourselves in the presence of the objects surrounding us, and appreciate them for and beyond what they are. The exhibition celebrates imagination, nostalgia, connection and longing through the whimsical transformations and interactions in each piece. By breathing life into the inanimate, we witness curiosity and contemplation, strength in fragility and playful wonder. This collection is a celebration of life—the life we see, the life we imagine, and the life of memories. 

Richard Ahnert, based in Toronto, takes anthropomorphic painting to a new level, lacing it with a quiet, yet unmistakable animism – an abiding kinship between human and animal. He uses the relationship between animals and humans to explore themes of emotion, metaphor, and narrative with a satirical twist. Storytelling, understated humour, and deep reflection are at the heart of his practice. 

Ahnert graduated with honors from the Arts York Program at Unionville HS with a Major in Visual Arts and went on to study Technical Illustration and Graphic Design at York University and Seneca College, graduating with the President's Honor Roll for Highest Academic Achievement. 

He began exhibiting his work in 2010 and has shown in exhibitions and galleries internationally. His work has won awards and can be found in private collections and businesses around the world.

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