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Sam Yong - Crucible Crucible is an exhibition of new oil paintings by Sam Yong.


Yong has long used natural elements as a vehicle for communicating aspects of the human experience, and his latest works extend that exploration.

The paintings in Crucible focus on hardships and how they change us. Some people survive their crucibles and become stronger; some die. No one emerges from such an experience the same. The crucibles we face can be societal, as experienced in times of war, or deeply personal, as when we lose an important loved one or face some other test of our endurance. Yong's allegorical works delve into these transformations.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, October 6, from 6pm - 9pm. Free entry.

Sam Yong will be in attendance. This exhibition runs from October 6 to October 28 and runs alongside Gerard Geer's solo show 'Bloom'.

Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

Sam Yong Oil painting by Sam Yong for Crucible.

Sam Yong is a self-taught painter and illustrator from Melbourne. He works across different traditional media. A self-confessed introvert, Yong has a love of nature and solo adventure: he is often found booking a last-minute flight to a faraway land. His love of solitude, the unknown and the natural world manifests itself through his artwork. The connection between human narratives and nature has always been present in his work, no matter what the medium. Yong's work has been exhibited in Paris, the United States, New Zealand and Melbourne, along with a multitude of private commissions across the globe.

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