UPDATE: COVID-19 and Beinart Gallery

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UPDATE: COVID19 and Beinart Gallery

In keeping with the current recommendations, Beinart Gallery will be temporarily closing the doors until further notice. We will continue our work as always, including safely installing exhibitions as scheduled, and are pleased to let you know that we have a number of exciting things planned for the next few months, including 3D virtual tours of our future shows, live interviews and more! Keep an eye on our instagram for updates.

If you would like to arrange a private viewing of the exhibition or would like to collect artwork already purchased please contact us on Our online store is running as usual and we are shipping orders every week to both our customers in Australia and all around the world.

We are so incredibly grateful to be a part of this community of artists and art lovers and have been so encouraged by the support we’ve received and the support that we’ve seen you all give to each other. We can’t wait until it is safe to reopen the doors and see you all again. In the meantime, take care, stay inside as much as you can and keep in touch!

Thank you for everything and we look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Jon, Corinne, Nicole, Ollie, Karen and Kylie

The Beinart Gallery team.

Paul Neberra

Starfish Reborn - Oil on linen by Paul Neberra.

Interview with Scott Listfield

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