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Brian Cheung – Mass Behaviour

Brian Cheung - Mass Behaviour

Mass Behaviour is an exhibition of gouache and watercolour paintings by Brian Cheung.


OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, February 9, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry. Brian Cheung will be in attendance!

This exhibition runs from February 9 to March 3 and runs alongside the solo shows: Alex Garant’s 3AM Rococo and Troy Coulterman’s Watching, Waiting.

This series is an ongoing exploration of pattern and repetition as a means of self-reflection. Brian Cheung’s love of meditative, labour-intensive techniques is an attempt to come to terms with his own insecurities as an artist. Is it better to go one’s own way or to submit to prevailing forces? How does one measure achievement in an age of digital marketing and social media? Showing off one’s successes is easier than admitting to failure, and too often there is a tendency to curate an idealised version of ourselves whilst sweeping mishaps and misfires under the rug.

Brian Cheung - Insect Plate

Watercolours and gouache on paper by Brian Cheung for Mass Behaviour.

Brian Cheung is a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His practice encompasses illustration, drawing, painting, lettering, graphic design and photography, most often relying on simple analogue media with an emphasis on process and technique. Themes of place, space and surroundings are repeatedly explored, fueled by curiosity, itchy feet and a fear of complacency.

Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

PHONE: +61 3 9939 3681

CONTACT US for enquiries.

WHERE: Beinart Gallery | 1 Sparta Place | Brunswick | VIC 3056 | Australia

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