Robyn Rich

Robyn Rich was born in Melbourne in 1971, she is an artist, wife and mother of one. After 6 years of studying Visual Arts at Chisholm Frankston, she is now embarking on building her art career, through exhibitions, commissions, workshops, artist talks and competitions. Robyn enjoys working across a variety of mediums including drawing and fabric sculpture, but oil painting is her main passion.

Working in oils, Robyn’s aim is to provide narrative and comment on our everyday experiences, bringing to life the souls and the stories of the people and objects she paints. Within her paintings she examines both the beauty and the emotion that comes with everyday life. She see’s beauty in the small, the forgotten and the sometimes very mundane. She is not only drawn to those objects we surround ourselves with, but fascinated with the way we relate to, and interact with them. The way they make us feel and...

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