Alex Garant

Canadian artist Alex Garant is known as the Queen of the Double Eyes and a pioneer of figurative op art. Her signature drawings and oil paintings are portraits that seem to almost vibrate, thanks to her use of symmetry, superposition, and repetition. Garant’s choices in composition and colour are deliberate to achieve her desired effect. Garant notes that “To me, the vibrancy created by the double exposure is more than just an optical illusion. It represents life emerging from a structural setting.” Having survived a heart attack she suffered at just 30 years old, Garant has a keen understanding of what it feels like to experience life emerging again: this event catalysed her decision to pursue art as a career.

Garant uses models, but she says that there is an element of self-portraiture in all her pieces; she is often expressing something about her own life while creating works about our inner and outer selves. Innocence,...

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