Anne Juul Christophersen

Anne Juul Christophersen is a Denmark based painter, sculptor and author. Since her exhibition debut in Copenhagen back in 2007, things have moved fast for her, as her work really resonates with her audience. With several sold out solo exhibitions behind her, her works are in very high demand - internationally showing in both prominent galleries and art museums.

Anne Juul Christophersen's art portrays a little girl - often accompanied by a bear and other animals as her fellow companions.
Her work deals with the fine balance between good and evil and her philosophy is that heaven and hell is everywhere - if you just stay there long enough.

In an article about Anne´s exhibition “Connected” in Galerie Wolfsen back in 2020, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine author, Natalia Joruk described Anne´s work:

“Anne’s affinity with nature is celebrated in every...

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