Annita Maslov

Annita Maslov is an Australian-based artist who's beautifully magical characters feel like ghost souls of strong, female artists Vali Myers and Frida Kahlo. In her works she weaves snakes around eerie, doll-like girls with flowing hair and endless space for eyes; skulls are drawn on a black background adorned with roses and overflowing treasure; planets orbit around the all seeing eye, cushioned with deathly bees and alluring roses. Her creations are as delicate as they are dark and that’s what has drawn so many people to her work, whether the canvas is paper or skin.

Maslov started out as a freelance illustrator and naturally moved into tattooing as many of her commissioned works were for tattoos. She currently co-owns and works out of The Scarlet Temple tattoo studio in Melbourne.

Please contact us if you would like to buy an original artwork by Annita Maslov or to be notified when we have new available art for sale.

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