Aof Smith

Aof Smith is a Bangkok-based contemporary artist at the forefront of Thailand's emerging art scene. Drawing inspiration from manga, science fiction, and other art forms, Smith creates the unique creatures he calls "Furries." These fantastical characters are rendered in complex detail, often accompanied by unsettling elements like lit fuses and missiles, reflecting Smith's satirical take on modern society.

Born and raised in Bangkok, a city known for its complex mix of the ancient and the modern, Smith was exposed to art from a young age—his father was an art teacher. He later pursued formal education in fine arts, earning a degree and MFA from King Mongkut's University of Technology.

Environmental consciousness is a driving force behind his art. In a world struggling with consumerism and waste, Smith contemplates what legacy humanity will leave for future generations. Smith's goal for the future is simple yet ambitious: to continue creating, fueled by a commitment to his artistic vision...

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