Beau White - Only Human

Only Human is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures of Tardigrades by Beau White. In the face of the looming environmental apocalypse, Only Human humorously explores humanity's frail and transient place in an ecosystem where some of the most seemingly inconsequential creatures are the most resilient.

Opening reception: Saturday, October 5, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. The artist will be in attendance.

This solo exhibition will be on view from October 6 to October 27, alongside Scott Listfield's show, Fury Road.

As humans we have sought to tame and subjugate nature, creating sterile barriers and differentiating ourselves as “master”’ of the natural world. Despite our best efforts, nature is omnipresent and destined to outlive us all as we continue to make the planet uninhabitable to humans. White’s portraits of Tardigrades elevate this almost indestructible species to the status of deities, invisible in daily life but destined to survive and thrive in a post-human world.

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