Ben Ashton

Born in 1983, Ben Ashton is a London-based visual artist specialising in hyper-realist portraiture and ambitious, immersive installation works. Ashton's work combines precision in execution with humour and character, balancing emotive response with a strong contextual foundation.

With his father being an artist and mother an art teacher, Ashton was immersed in art from a young age. Though he pursued an education in art he credits much of his personal style to his own self teaching, painting from books and spending hours in museums figuring out layering techniques from observation and trial and error.

Being London-based Ashton takes advantage of his easy access to an abundance of classical art and museums, using the history of art as a major resource in his art practice; wether it be stylistically, as the subject of musings that grow into inspiration or as a means of drawing parallels and reflecting on the current world and contemporary society.

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