Botanical Bestiary

Botanical Bestiary is an exhibition of new works by Courtney Brims, Crystal MoreyLauren Marx and Thomas Jackson.

Brims’ drawings are inspired by the Australian rainforest and natural processes, such as pollination, propagation and dispersal. Marx’s pieces address her obsession with iconography while also exploring spirituality and healing. Morey’s hybrid porcelain figures, including human, animal and botanical elements, show that we are dependent on each other’s well-being. Jackson’s paintings reference native Australian plants that utilise fire for germination and fire’s effect on the animals that use such plants for food or habitation.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 11, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from August 12 to September 2.

For Lauren Marx, animals always have been a passion. They have been the subjects of her drawings ever since she was a child, which she attributes to weekends spent at the St. Louis Zoo and...

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