Brendan Rowe

Brendan is a Melbourne based artist with a playful and satirical approach to his work which aims to explore the absurdity and fickle nature of modern-day life.

Brendan grew up in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on a heavy diet of comic books, Saturday morning cartoons and pop-culture which he obsessively collected and analysed. His skills were developed through countless hours of studying the line work and forms of his favourite comic artists and cartoonists.

Graduating with a BA in Fine Art Drawing from RMIT in 2006, Brendan initially began his career in the local music scene, where he is well regarded for creating poster art, t-shirt designs and album covers for local bands.

Using traditional painting methods and comic book inspired linking techniques, Brendan creates a collage-like blend of pop cultural iconography and anatomical illustration, which come together to produce his own brand of unorthodox portraiture. He has also produced large-scale murals for...

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