Caroline Dewison

Caroline Dewison, the creative spirit behind A House of Wonders, crafts enchanting miniatures and dioramas from her base in Warrington, England. Her journey into the miniature world began unexpectedly while experimenting with beads and clay, seeking a medium that resonated with her artistic vision. Inspired by the natural beauty of the woodlands near her home and the Lake District's scenic walks, Dewison now recreates mystical landscapes in miniature form. Her pieces, rich in detail and imagination, are made from Jesmonite, lightweight MDF, and an array of model-making materials. Dewison's work, a blend of myth, magic, and nature, invites viewers into expansive yet intimately scaled worlds, creating secret and sacred places within every scene.

Please contact us if you would like to buy an original sculpture by Caroline Dewison or to be notified when we have new available art for sale.

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