Catriona Secker - Biomorphic

Biomorphic is the latest collection of paintings by Catriona Secker. In this series, Secker continues her exploration of the natural world, adding new elements of symmetry, either to organisms within the pieces or to the compositions overall.

Opening reception: Saturday, Mar 26th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from Mar 27th to Apr 17th and will coincide with Lucid 2022.

Secker’s approach to depicting nature is to focus on the small and hidden. She uses old natural history illustrations as inspiration and source material. These illustrations usually feature microscopic organisms and small invertebrates. She works intuitively, often finding herself drawn to something about a particular illustration which provides a starting point, and in the process of creating an artwork, that thing becomes transformed or sometimes combined with another organism to become a new, imaginary life form.

Secker’s work often touches upon processes in nature such as growth and...

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