Chet Zar – The Administrators

The Administrators is Chet Zar’s debut Australian solo exhibition of new oil paintings. This show depicts a new class of beings in Dy5topia, the alternate dystopian reality that serves as the setting for Zar’s work: the faceless bureaucrats who help run things behind the scenes. Zar imagines a shadowy underground maze of rusty pipes and old electronic control panels, as in a kind of demented boiler room, from where they do their bidding for those in charge.

Interview with Chet Zar.

Opening night: Saturday, July 13, from 5pm – 10pm. Free entry.

This exhibition will be on view from July 14 to August 4, concurrently with Dark Art 2019.

Zar notes that it's easy to fall into the trap of always trying to come up with something new for its own sake. While Zar tries to create unique and new characters when he paints, he believes...

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