Chimaephera - Gerard Geer Solo Exhibition

Gerard Geer’s first solo exhibition Chimaephera features mythically inspired creatures constructed from assorted animal bones and a series of diaphonised wet specimens.

Geer’s Chimaephera takes its name from the words chimaera and ephemeral: the former because the pieces combine bones from multiple animals to form new imaginary creatures and the latter because of the transitory nature of life. Geer’s approach to the works in this exhibit was to imbue them with as much life and movement as possible, exploring the relationships between creatures within a given work while also challenging our understanding of the natural world.

Opening night: Saturday, May 6, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. This exhibit will coincide with Sam Yong's solo exhibitionRitual. Both artists will be in attendance.

Both exhibitions run from May 7 to May 28.

Please note: All of Geer's sculptures are enclosed in domes and are able to be securely shipped...

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