Christophe Gilland

Christophe Gilland is a self-taught artist with a diverse background that has profoundly influenced his creative journey. Initially raised at Disney World, where his father was a special effects animator, he later moved to Vancouver, Canada, continuing his immersion in art and animation. At 17, he relocated to Prague, a city he cites as a profound source of artistic inspiration.

Initially known for his detailed drawings created with fine-tipped pens, Christophe has expanded his skill set to include sculpture, applying the same meticulous detail to mixed media pieces. His work is primarily inspired by the natural world, focusing on the intricate details and mysteries that it offers. Christophe views his art as an exploration of the symbiosis between art and science, striving to capture nature's nuances while emphasising the unique interpretations humans project onto it. Of his work, he says, "I've always found a refuge in the...

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