Daniel Dela Cruz

Daniel de la Cruz’s journey to becoming an artist began during his childhood when he was fond of creating indistinguishable forms out of clay. A Filipino by birth and sensibility, his natural artistic skills were discovered during his freshman year at college and gained him a measure of fame. Nonetheless, having been raised by parents who were bent on educating their five children as professionals, Daniel was expected to study and practice medicine or law. Despite his reluctance, he tried his best to please them and pursued courses in both fields. These attempts did not turn out very well but Daniel still obtained a degree in Philosophy from the prestigious University of the Philippines in 1991. Upon graduation, and to the disappointment of his family, Daniel bravely decided to follow his heart and intuition and strike out on his own. Internationally, Daniel brought the Philippines honor and fame by winning the coveted Gold medal for the “Festival of Nativities” in...

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