Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter – Brian Viveros, Miles Johnston, Kari-Lise Alexander & Scott Scheidly

Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Brian Viveros, Miles Johnston, Kari-Lise Alexander and Scott Scheidly. Viveros’s work elevates the iconography of the femme fatale as a powerful emblem of strength and retaliation. Johnston explores the deviations between our internal states of consciousness and the complex underlying reality of our life situations in his intricate illusionistic drawings. Alexander captures the unique qualities of her Scandinavian heritage in her serene figurative paintings. Scheidly blurs the boundaries between his subjects and their environments in his beautifully rendered paintings.

Opening reception: Saturday, June 2, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from June 3 to June 24.

Miles Johnston works primarily in graphite and oils, using the human form as a vehicle to attempt to process the intensity and profound strangeness of the collective human experience. The distortions and transformations his figures...

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