Elisabetta Visentini

Elisabetta Visentini, an Italian artist and product designer from a small city near Milan, is celebrated for her distinctive, handcrafted creations. Holding a Master's Degree in Product Design from the Polytechnic of Milan, her career transitioned from product design to an intense passion for creating art by hand.

Visentini specializes in a variety of themes, from ethereal fantasy creatures to elements of the gothic and surreal, showing a particular interest in the grotesque and ambiguous. Her work is a fusion of fantasy and reality, crafted with precision using materials like polymer clay and metal. Her artistic mission is to weave stories and conjure magical worlds that mirror diverse personal expressions and personalities. Since turning her passion into a full-time profession in 2018, Visentini has focused on producing unique, meticulously detailed pieces embodying her passion for innovation and artistic exploration.

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