Eric Wert

Eric Wert's background as a scientific illustrator is apparent in his astonishing attention to detail. Yet the difference between illustration and fine art is inspiration. Depicting an object in great detail takes skill but to transcend technical virtuosity one needs to have something to say or to be inspired. Eric Wert intends to shed new light on a tradition that began with Dutch still life. Wert sometimes literally turns that tradition upside down. Instead of sheer beauty, we begin to see a story. 

Eric's works touch on the transitory nature of wealth, life, relationships and understanding. He thinks of his still life paintings as passive aggressive, intended to be both sweet and destructive. While they exhibit components of traditional still life—lush flowers, fabrics, and vases—the subjects are often smashed or upended, suggestive of domestic disturbance, disaster or jilted love. 

Eric Wert received an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago and his Master of Fine...

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