Fernan Odang

Fernan Saludo Odang jr. – also known as Odang - exploring the idea of internal damage by depicting oppressive and corrupt systems that prey on the poor and underprivileged in a series of charcoal on paper works.  Odang chose to delve into issues such as sexual abuse, drug addiction, and political manipulation. He interprets the nature of abusers by correlating them with animals, using the image of pigs, for instance, as a stand-in for greed, or dogs as a proxy for sexual predators. In effect, his farcical subjects functioned as caricatures used to illustrate harsh realities. Odang is a self-taught artist based in Manila who graduated from Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Information Technology Training Institute (DFCAITTI) in Las Piñas City with a degree in Information Technology, majoring in visual graphic design.

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Original Art