Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins is a contemporary German/Australian multidisciplinary artist based near Sydney where her practice includes assemblage, installation, video, collage and printmaking. "My work is based on appropriation, re-assemblage and subversion of pre-existent objects, where I continue to explore notions of identity, motifs and my own dissimulation. “

Freya’s work always resonates with her past and present. The emotional connection to her work has been obvious, connecting directly with her personal issues; from masking mental health, maternal vulnerability, feminism, and loss.

Freya’s sustainable practice encompasses the found/discarded object, whether it is plastic, cardboard, paper or used clothing, her primary medium is assemblage, her great love which she can not divorce from.  As well as continuing her experimentation in imagery using her assemblage masks in to find her sense of belonging in a country she was not born in....

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