Gabi de la Merced

Born in Madrid, Gabi de la Merced studied traditional animation at the Madrid School of Film (ECAM). Going on to work as an illustrator alongside his work as a colourist for films and commercials Merced gained experience in working with colour as well as developing an aesthetic criteria and narrative sense that would be key for the development of his later work.

Among his countless influences, elements of the past collide with modern culture icons. The Old Masters, the Book of Revelation, medieval engravings or Classical Mythology have the same importance as the Masters of the Universe, Warren magazines, early skateboard graphics or the legends associated with an obscure musician.

Self-taught in his now chosen mediums he creates meticulously detailed and obsessively rendered graphite drawings and acrylic paintings. He finds in them the perfect allies to organise the many images and influences piled up chaotically in his mind and a means to make sense of them, as well...

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