Jamais Vu - Kit King | Oda | Pamela Wilson

Beinart Gallery presents Jamais Vu, an exhibition featuring new collaborative oil paintings by wife and husband duo, Kit King and Oda and the haunting and eccentrically beautiful paintings of Pamela Wilson.

Jamais Vu, which translates to "never seen”, is described as the opposite of the more commonly known experience of Deja Vu, or “already seen", where instead of something feeling familiar, something feels foreign despite its familiarity.

The collaborative paintings of Kit King and Oda, visually depict this bizarre experience. Through repetition of words and images that force the feeling of Jamais Vu onto the viewer, Oda & King skew the perception of reality, identity, and what we recognise as familiar. For Pamela Wilson, to be subconsciously distant from one’s very personal world in order to give wings to the hoped for, Jamias Vu is a loophole in perceived reality. A never ending opportunity to forget that which is securely familiar, to make room for...

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