Jana Brike

Jana Brike’s whimsical, magical paintings allow us a glimpse into an intimate world of what she describes as a ‘poetic visual autobiography’.  Over the span of her career, she has explored different interests and subjects as a reflection of her own personal journey. Common to all of her works is the wondrous and regenerative presence of nature, especially the archetype of water, as well as butterflies, birds and flowers. Her detailed dreamscapes show human figures, often adolescent females, in playful and unselfconscious discovery of the world around them. Through this intuitive and personal symbolism, Brike’s works engage with themes of exploration, growth, innocence, curiosity, transcendence and love.

Born in Soviet-occupied Latvia in 1980, from the age of five Brike began a strict technical education in painting and drawing, intended to train children for careers as social realist painters for the Soviet propaganda apparatus. In this rigid and restrictive environment, Brike sought reprieve and...

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