Jen Selmore

Originally from Sydney, Jen Selmore graduated with a BA in Design from Newcastle University, then relocated to Australia’s cultural heart- Melbourne/ Naarm
to immerse herself in all creative pursuits; from photography to millinery and illustration. 

Her creative journey eventually led to paper entomology and the idea of using something so small, beautiful, and seemingly innocuous, such as a hand-drawn butterfly, to convey commentary on serious societal issues. Hints to the key messaging are subtly shared, usually in the artwork title or sometimes in the positioning or condition of the hand-drawn insect.

There is a nostalgic longing in her use of recycled and vintage materials, often reminiscent of fabrics, textures and colour palettes from her childhood. An escape to simpler times past whilst giving new life to reused materials, making the pieces truly ethical and sustainable. These materials not only provide a home to her creations but also cloak their messages in the warmth of nostalgia.

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