Jennifer Allnutt - The Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil is a collection of new paintings by Jennifer Allnutt and her love letter to nineteenth-century poet Charles Baudelaire's seminal work of the same name. 

Opening reception: Saturday, March 2nd, 6pm - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer and Malocchio.

This exhibition will run from March 3rd - March 24th and will coincide with Alex Garant's Dreamweavers, David Welker's Portals and group exhibition Dark Art 2024.

"I'm like a painter whom God's mocking wit
Condemns to paint, Alas! Upon the shades,
Or like a manic cook with morbid tastes
Who boils his own heart and then dines on it"
- Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil)


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