Kathie Olivas & Bradt Peters

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters are a husband-and-wife artistic duo based in Algodones, NM, known for their collaborative projects that delve into diverse creative realms. 

Kathie Olivas, a multi-media narrative artist, employs a blend of playfulness and psychological depth in her art. Originating from her imagination, her sculptures and paintings feature cute monsters that challenge societal notions of 'cuteness' and confront discomfort with the unfamiliar. Her work serves as a satirical commentary on the impact of fears on reality, drawing inspiration from early American portraiture and the influences of American-born pop surrealism.

Born in 1974 in Santa Monica, CA, Brandt Peters is an illustrator and self-taught fine artist who has also worked as a character, film, and animation designer. His commercial endeavours have led to international exhibitions in the fine art world. Peter's work is a melting pot of influences from his childhood, filled with elements of ancient cartoons, Victorian toys,...

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