Kelley Benes

Kelley Benes, also known as Beans of John, is a Los Angeles-based artist whose sculptural works form a collection deeply rooted in nature, science, and the human anatomy. In 2018, Kelley began volunteering at the Natural History Museum, creating replica plants and other items for dioramas. This experience was pivotal for her artistic development, influencing both the subject matter and material of her work. Her creations often reflect surrealism found in nature and aim to repurpose discarded materials such as food waste, found objects, and hair clippings. Central to Kelley's work is a sense of humour and an exploration of the absurdity in human remnants. She aspires for her objects to be discovered by future humans, inciting laughter and serving as a testament to our integral role in the natural world. Her artwork is a space for laughter, discomfort, and wonder, reminding us that we are not mere observers of nature, but rather...

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