Kim Hyunji – Ephemera

Kim Hyunji (Kim Kim Kim) explores notions of fleeting disarray and moments of pure euphoria achieved briefly through the use of drugs in her exhibition, Ephemera.

The paintings capture their subjects in singular states of intense self-reflection and exaltation, still attached to the tools used to enter a state of absence of mind. The works attempt to convey the long seconds between thought and action. The reality of the compositions paired with Kim's sense of expressive abstraction evokes sentiments that permeate the millennials' culture of anxiety and disarray, a thematic element underlying Kim's practice.

Opening reception: Saturday, December 1st, from 6pm – 9 pm. Free entry.

Exhibition runs from December 2st to December 22nd and runs alongside Flow: Australia-based Artists 2018.

Kim Hyunji is an artist working predominantly with paints. Originally from South Korea, she is currently based in Melbourne. She completed her bachelor of fine arts...

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