Kyoung Ik Min

Kyoung-ik Min delves deeply into the profound mysteries of existence. All life forms, be it humans, animals, plants, or microorganisms, face the inescapable cycle of life and death. At the heart of Min's work is a powerful question: Can beings bypass ageing, sickness, and ultimately, death? Is it possible to achieve eternal existence?

Driven by this inquiry, Min has explored the concept of immortal existence through the lens of cloning. He envisions a new kind of existence — one where human life is prolonged and evolved. This advanced life form would not only live indefinitely but would also overcome the mental and physical limitations known to mankind. Inspired by the ageless figures from science fiction and fantasy, Min imagines beings transformed by groundbreaking drugs, genetic advancements, relentless cloning, and innovative devices. While these envisioned beings aren’t birthed in the traditional sense, they're imagined to thrive, vibrant and alive, across diverse terrains from the wilderness to...

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